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Elizabeth B Gallery Collection
Limited Edition

Kokt Lin
Skrynklar inte, strykfi!

Kokt Bommull
med vackert struktur,skrynklar inte,strykfri!


Silk Lin
med konsträliga applikationer

Tunn Kokt Lin
sommar lin med batik och med svallkande effekt
Skrynklar inte! Strykfri!

Kokt Ylle
Sticks inte!

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ZELE of Scandinavia
Madam Walewska
7 promises

Collection is characterized by excellent quality, style and fashion. Unique clothes
ornamented and designed with original applications inspired and transposed                                                 from the paintings of prominent artists.

The textiles used are of high quality linen and other natural,                                                                       ecological materials such as cotton, wool and silk.

Distributor inquiries welcomed.